Egypt 5 Pounds banknote 1945

Egyptian Pound banknotes 5 Pounds note 1945

Old Egyptian banknotes bills 5 Pounds 1945

Egyptian banknotes 5 Pounds 1945 National Bank of Egypt

Obverse: In the middle, the old building of the National Bank in Cairo.
Reverse: In the middle, a scene from countryside and tomb surrounded by palm trees.
Signature: Sir Norman Nixon.
Size:167 x 88 mm.

The Ancient building of the National bank: The National Bank of Egypt was established on 1898 during of the reign of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II. In 1961, at the time of the President Nasser, the National Bank of Egypt became the official bank of the country, under the name of the National Bank of Egypt.

Egyptian banknotes
National Bank of Egypt - 1924-1945 Issue

One Egyptian Pound        5 Egyptian Pounds