Clydesdale Bank 100 Pound Note 1996 Lord Kelvin

Clydesdale Bank 100 Pound Note
Clydesdale Bank 100 Pounds Sterling 1996
Clydesdale Bank 100 Pounds Sterling banknote
Clydesdale Bank 100 Pound Note 1996
Clydesdale Bank 100 Pound Note 1996

Obverse: Portrait of Lord Kelvin the researcher and inventor. He is shown with the improved mariner's compass which he invented and a map with the route of the first commercially successful transatlantic cable. Lord Kelvin was the engineer in charge of the project.
Concentric circles shaped symbol in bottom left corner. Sailing ship emblem.
Reverse: A vignette Glasgow University with symbols at left and right. Sailing ship emblem (see through image).

Watermark: When you hold the note up to the light the watermark of Lord Kelvin should become visible, appearing as shades of light and dark. When the note is laid against a table the watermark image will appear light around its perimeter. The watermark feature is visible from both sides of the note.
Size: 163 mm x 90 mm
Color: Red.
Paper Quality: The paper should feel crisp - not limp waxy or shiny.
Raised Print: If you run your finger along the Clydesdale Bank PLC title, the promise to pay and the words One Hundred Pounds Sterling you will feel raised print.

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