British India 1000 Rupee Note 1937 King George VI

British India banknotes 1000 Rupees 1937 King George VI in Profile
British India currency notes 1000 Rupees 1937 Reserve Bank of India
Banknotes of British India 1000 Rupees 1937 King George VI in Profile, Reserve Bank of India

Obverse: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in top centre, GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT below it. Portrait of King George VI wearing the Imperial Crown and the robes of Star of India in right window. 1000 written in four corners. ONE THOUSAND RUPEES in Lower Denomination panel. Serial numbers on top right and lower left. GRI below watermark window and portrait. Circle of issue on top centre. Signed by GOVERNOR FOR THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. Rs 1000 Rs relief underprint in signature panel and 1000 under promise text.
Reverse: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA on top. Snow capped mountain range in background with trees in foreground in centre. ONE THOUSAND RUPEES below. 1000 in four corners. Language panel in left window. Reserve Bank of India logo in right window.
Paper: Printed on white, machine made paper.
Microlettering - Obverse: Intertwined concentric circles with 1000 and RESERVE BANK OF INDIA under both serial number panels. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA and ONE THOUSAND RUPEES within concentric semi circles in signature panel.
Microlettering - Reverse: Intertwined concentric circles with figure of 8 with 1000 and RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in both windows.
Watermark: Profile portrait of King George VI facing right. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA above portrait, and RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in three lines below it. Six links on top, ten links below connected to the eleven vertical links on the right and one link below connected to the eleven vertical links to the left.
Date of issue: Issued in June 1938; demonetised on 12th January 1946.

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Portrait series (1937-1943) King George VI in Profile 

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