5 Pounds banknote 1939 Palestine Currency Board

5 Pound Note Palestine Currency Board
5 Palestine Pound Note
Five Palestine Pounds banknote
Palestine 20th April 1939 Five Pounds
Palestine 5 Pounds banknote 20.4.1939. P-8c. 
Issued by Palestine Currency Board 1927-1944

Obverse: White Tower (Crusader's Tower), Ramla
Reverse: Citadel of Jerusalem (David's Tower)
Printer Thomas de la Rue, London.

Text: Palestine Currency Board – Currency Notes Are Legal Tender – For The Payment Of Any Amount – Five Palestine Pounds – Jerusalem – 20th April, 1939. – Members Of The Palestine Currency Board – Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited, London

Pound System
1927-1945 Issue

500 Mils    1 Palestine Pound    5 Palestine Pounds    10 Palestine Pounds    50 Palestine Pounds    100 Palestine Pounds 

 The White Mosque (Arabic: المسجد الأبيض‎ a-Masjid al-Abyad, Hebrew: המסגד הלבן‎ haMisgad haLavan) is an ancient Ummayad mosque in the city of Ramla, Israel. Only the minaret is still standing. According to local Islamic tradition, the northwest section of the mosque contained the shrine of a famous Islamic saint, Nabi Salih.