1920 Government of Newfoundland $1 Dollar Bill

Newfoundland Dollar Bill banknote
Newfoundland dollar
Newfoundland Banknotes 1 Dollar note
January 2nd 1920 Government of Newfoundland $1 Bill
1920 Government of Newfoundland $1 Dollar Bill

Obverse: These are very popular bank notes. Each note has a portrait of King George V. The right hand side of the note shows a blue vignette of a caribou.
Reverse: The Great Seal of Newfoundland at center, Steam Frigate in a stormy sea at left, Anchor against rocks at right.
Signature Hickey and Brownrigg.
Printer American Bank Note Company, Ottawa.
Quantity Issued:  600,000
Text:   The Government of Newfoundland – Will Pay To Bearer On Demand – St. John’s NFLD. – Jany 2nd 1920 – One Dollar – Countersigned – Minister of Finance and Customers – American Bank Note Co. Ottawa

Varieties:   These can be signed by Bursell and Brownrigg, Hickey and Brownrigg, Keating and Brownrigg, or Renouf and Brownrigg.

Newfoundland dollar

The dollar was the currency of the colony and Dominion of Newfoundland from 1865 until 1949, when Newfoundland became a province of Canada. It was subdivided into 100 cents.

Government of Newfoundland 1920 Banknotes

These were issued because of a shortage in silver change around 1920. Silver was more valuable in other parts of the world, so people were melting coins and selling them for a profit. There were 600,000 Jany 2nd 1920 $1 bills and 300,000 January 1920 $2 bills printed. Of that total it is thought that around $12,000 in face value still survives today.

Newfoundland Banknotes