1933 5 Pesos Philippine Bank Note

Philippines banknotes 5 Pesos Philippine Note 1933
1933 5 Pesos Philippine Bank Note
Philippine currency 5 Pesos Bank Note 1933

Philippines Banknotes 1933 5 Pesos Bank Note, The Bank of the Philippine Islands

Obverse: Woman seated at left, Blue Seal.
Signatures: (as depicted) P. J. Campos (President), D. Garcia (Cashier). :

Text: The Bank Of The Philippine Islands Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand – Five Pesos – Series 1933 – Five Pesos – Manila P.I., January 1, 1933.
Printer: USBEP - United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Quantity Printed: 809,000.

Currency of the Philippines, American issues (1898-1946)
Philippine National Bank Circulating Notes

These were first printed by The United States for use on The Philippine Islands in 1916.  Each bank note was printed on a sheet containing five notes total.  Starting in 1921 these were printed on sheets each containing ten bank notes.  These are no longer good at their face value.  All Philippine National Bank notes were devalued in June of 1948.