1908 US Philippines 10 Pesos Note, El Banco Espanol Filipino

US Philippines currency 10 Pesos note 1908 Banco Espanol Filipino
1908 US Philippines 10 Pesos El Banco Espanol Filipino
1908 Diez Pesos El Banco Espanol Filipino
Philippines Banknotes 1908 10 Pesos Note, El Banco Espanol Filipino

Obverse: Woman with flowers at center, Blue Seal - Banco Espanol Filipino.
Signatures: (as depicted) E. del Saz-Orozco (El Director), Julian Serrano (El Tenedor de Libros).

Text: El Banco Espanol Filipino – Pagara Al Portador – Diez Pesos – Manila P.I., 1 Enero, 1908.
Printer: USBEP - United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Quantity Printed: 200,000.

Currency of the Philippines, American issues (1898-1946)
El Banco Espanol Filipino Currency

All of these bank notes are dated for 1908, or 1 Enero 1908. In 1908 the bank just happened to still have its original Spanish name.  These were still printed under the authority of The United States.  The 1912 bank notes have the standard English title that we are more familiar with.  Most Spanish language versions were printed in extremely low quantities in higher denominations.