Confederate Currency $20 Dollar Bill 1861 T-20

Confederate Currency 20 Dollar Bill 1861 T-20

Confederate States of America Currency $20 Dollar Bill 1861 T-20

Currency was authorized by the Confederate government  August 19, 1861, and December 24, 1861, issued September 2, 1861

Obverse: Industry seated behind large 20 with Cupid and beehives at sides. Vice President Alexander Stephens at lower left, Hope with anchor at right. 2,835,285 notes were issued.
Reverse: Blank.

Inscriptions: "Six Months after the Ratification of a Treaty of Peace between The Confederate States and The United States The Confederate States of America will pay Twenty Dollars to Bearer/ Richmond, September 2, 1861/ Fundable in Eight Per Cent Stock or Bonds of the Confederate States/ Receivable in payment of all dues except Export Duties/ B. Duncan Richmond"