Confederate Currency 1861 $50 Dollar Montgomery Note T-4

Confederate Currency 1861 50 Dollar Montgomery Note T-4
T-4 1861 Montgomery $50 Confederate Paper Money
Confederate Currency 1861 $50 Dollar Montgomery Note T-4.

Description:  This $50 Confederate bank note shows three slaves working in a field. Green panel protector with L over green scalloped counters. 50 over black scalloped counters at left and right. Dated 14, 1861, and signed by Clitherall as Register and Elmore as Treasurer. Issued in red ink on verso by Captain Thomas Jackson on July 16, 1861. Imprint of National Bank Note Company. 1606 of these $50 Confederate bank notes were issued, for which approximately 160 are known today.

Inscriptions: "Twelve months after date The Confederate States of America will pay to bearer Fifty Dollars with interest at half a cent per day/ Montgomery/ National Bank Note Company/ Receivable in Payment of all Dues Except Export Duties"
Signed by Alex B. Clitherall as Register and E.C. Elmore as Treasurer.

This serial number has long been recorded in the census records of Montgomery notes, however, without mention of a grade. Perhaps this note was purchased from Grover Criswell back in the 1960s, and Grover only remembered to write down the serial.