Confederate Currency 1861 $20 Dollar Bill Sailing Ship T-9

Confederate Currency 1861 20 Dollar Bill Sailing Ship T-9
July 25, 1861 Confederate $20 Bill from Richmond
Confederate Currency 1861 $20 Dollar Bill Sailing Ship T-9

Description:  This $20 Confederate note shows a three-masted ship sailing in the center, figure 20 at left. This note was printed with black ink and has no design on the back.  Total issue was 264,988. Printed by Hoyer and Ludwig of Richmond VA.

There are 13 varieties of this note due to differences in plate letters (B, C, Cc, Ccc and D), “For” printed or written, plain, bond or thin papers, and differences in the denomination vignettes. Also known stamped with “P”

Inscriptions: "Two years after date The Confederate States of America will pay to bearer Twenty Dollars/ Richmond, Va. July 25th 1861/ Receivable in payment of all dues except export dues/ Fundable in Confederate States Stock bearing Eight per Cent interest/ for Register Hoyer & Ludwig Richmond, VA."

Notes - During the printing of this issue, the officials of the CSA government realized that the actual register and treasurer could not possibly sign all the confederate money that was being printed, so substitute signers were used to sign for the officials. Therefore, that makes several varieties of this type, with the for being written on some notes and the for being printed on others and some with the treasurer is different places.