1882 $100 Brown Back National Bank Note | The Palmer National Bank of Danville

United States paper money 100 Dollar National Bank Notes
United States currency 100 Dollar National Bank Note

One Hundred Dollar Bill from the Series of 1882 - Brown Back National Currency | The Palmer National Bank of Danville

Obverse: At the left, United States Navy Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry leaving the USS Lawrence, his flagship, during the battle of Lake Erie, September 10, 1813. At the right, Liberty seated by fasces. The words "maintain it" are written below her.
Reverse: Illinois Seal and Standing Eagle, Charter number 4731. The charter number and surrounding ornament are green, the rest of the reverse is brown.
Signatures: (as depicted) William Starke Rosecrans, Register of the Treasury and Enos H. Nebeker, Treasurer of the United States.

Inscriptions:  National Currency  -  This Note Is Secured By United States Bonds Deposited With The U.S. Treasurer at Washington  -  Series 1882  -  Will Pay One Hundred Dollars To Bearer On Demand  -  Bureau of Engraving & Printing Treasr Dept  -  Register of the Treasury  -  Treasurer of the United States  -  This Note is receivable at par in all parts of the United States in payment of all taxes and excises and all other dues to the United States except duties on imports and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by the United States to Individuals Corporations & associations within the United States except Interest on Public Debt  -  Counterfeiting or Altering This Note, Or Passing Any Counterfeit or Alteration of it, or having in possession any false or counterfeit plate or impression of it, or any paper made in imitation of the paper on which it is printed, is felony, and is punishable by $1,000 fine or fifteen year imprisonment at hard labor or both.

The Palmer National Bank of Danville in Illinois printed $2,623,900 dollars worth of national currency. Over $1,000,000 face value is a lot of money. However, some types and denominations of currency from this bank could still be rare. This national bank opened in 1892 and stopped printing money in 1935, which equals a 44 year printing period. That is a fairly normal lifespan for a national bank. During its life, The Palmer National Bank Of Danville issued 12 different types and denominations of national currency. We have examples of the types listed below. Your bank note should look similar. Just the bank name will be different. For the record, The Palmer National Bank Of Danville was located in Vermilion County. It was assigned charter number 4731.

The Palmer National Bank of Danville also printed 2,617 sheets of $100 1882 brown back national bank notes. Just because this bank printed more than 1,000 one hundred dollar brown backs does not mean that they are all common.

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