Panama banknotes 5 Balboas 1941 Arias Issue

Panama banknotes paper money 5 Balboas note 1941

Republica de Panama
Currency of Panama 5 Balboas banknote 1941 "Arias" Issue - El Banco Central de Emision de la Republica de Panama

Obverse: Statue of the Urracá with a warrior expression as if willing to attack the Spanish conquistadors, Santiago de Veraguas, Panama.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Panama.
Printed by Hamilton Bank Note Company, New York.

Panama banknotes - Panama paper money
1941 "Arias Series" Issue

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Urracá or Ubarragá Maniá Tigrí was an amerindian Ngäbe chieftain or cacique who fought effectively against the Spanish conquistadors. Captured at one point, Urracá managed to escape a Spanish bound ship and rejoin his own people, thus continuing to lead the fight against the Spanish until his death in 1531. He is also remembered as el caudillo amerindio de Veragua, adversary of the Spanish Empire, the great rebel in the current territory of Panama, and the one who faced the Spanish conquistadors. His face can be found on the smallest-denomination centesimo coin of Panama.