Singapore 25 Dollars banknote Orchid Series

Singapore 25 Dollars banknote Orchid series currency notes

25 Singapore dollar note SGD Orchid
Singapore 25 Dollars banknote Orchid Series (1967 - 1976)

Obverse : Yellow flowers: Orchids (Renanthopsis Aurora) at center, Coat of arms of Singapore at right.
Reverse : Supreme Court Building.
Colour: Brown
Size of note: 140 mm x 79 mm
First issued on: 7 August 1972

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The dominant feature is a spray of orchids in the centre of the front of each note, the orchid being the national flower of Singapore. On the front, all notes have the Singapore Arms, a watermark of a lion's head and the signature of the Minister for Finance and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore. A scene of Singapore is depicted on the back.

Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore
The Old Supreme Court Building is the former courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore, before it moved out of the building and commenced operations in the new building on 20 June 2005. The building was the last structure in the style of classical architecture to be built in the former British colony. It is planned to become an arts and cultural centre in future, with plans to refurbish the building.