Singapore 1000 dollars

1000 singapore dollar bill
Singapore Portrait Series currency notes - $1000 banknote
1000 singapore dollar

Singapore banknotes 1000 Dollars banknote Portrait Series 1999–present
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Obverse: Portrait of Singapore's first President, Yusof bin Ishak.
The $1,000 note also features the Beautiful Cowrie (Cypraea pulchella Swainson, 1823). This animal was considered another of the rare gems of the genus until about 1968. The graceful pear shape, contrasting large chestnut blotches, and distinctly marked teeth make this cowrie unusually attractive. Specimens of this species are quite common and are usually found offshore from depths of 30 m to 140 m. They are found over a wide range, although most old collections were reported from the Chinese coast of Hong Kong.

The back of the $1,000 note features buildings representing the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The Istana building, the official residence of the President of Singapore, symbolises the President and the Executive. It is depicted in the centre of the design. Flanking the Istana are the Parliament House on the left and the Supreme Court building on the right. The Parliament House and the Supreme Court represent the Legislature and the Judiciary respectively.

Colour: Purple
Size of note: 170 mm x 83 mm
First issued on: 9 September 1999 (Paper)

4th Series – Singapore Portrait Series currency notes 1999–present
The current Portrait series was introduced in 1999, with the one- and 500-dollar denominations omitted. These notes feature the face of Yusof bin Ishak, the first president of the Republic of Singapore, on the obverse, and the reverse depicts a feature of civic virtue. There are both paper and polymer notes in circulation. The designs of the polymer notes are very similar to the corresponding paper note except for the slightly slippery feel and a small transparent window design in the corner of the banknote. Polymer notes are progressively replacing the paper banknotes in circulation. The notes also have Braille patterns at the top right-hand corner of the front design.

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The Istana is the official residence and office of the President of Singapore. Meaning "palace" in Malay, it is where the president receives and entertains state guests. The Istana is also the working office of the Prime Minister of Singapore. It is in a large open compound in the otherwise urbanised setting of the Orchard Road area.
The 106 acre (0.4 km²) estate was once part of the extensive nutmeg plantation of Mount Sophia. In 1867, the British colonial government acquired the land and built a mansion to be the official home of the British governor. This continued until 1959 when Singapore was granted self-government, and the governor was replaced by the Yang di-Pertuan Negara, who was in turn replaced by the president.

The Parliament House of Singapore is a public building and cultural landmark and houses the Parliament of Singapore. It is located in the Civic District of the Downtown Core within Singapore's central business district (the Central Area). Within its vicinity is Raffles Place, which lies across it from the Singapore River, and the Supreme Court's building across the road. The building was designed to represent a contemporary architectural expression of stateliness and authority. The prism-shaped top, designed by the late former president Ong Teng Cheong, was similarly a modernist take on the traditional dome.

The Old Supreme Court Building is the former courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore, before it moved out of the building and commenced operations in the new building on 20 June 2005. The building was the last structure in the style of classical architecture to be built in the former British colony. It is planned to become an arts and cultural centre in future, with plans to refurbish the building.