Australian Banknotes 2 Australian Dollars banknote 1979 John Macarthur & William James Farrer

Australian banknotes currency two dollars
2 Australian dollars banknote
Australian notes money two dollars bill
Australian two-dollar note
Australian Banknotes 2 Australian dollars banknote of 1979, issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.
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Obverse: Portrait of John Macarthur (1767 – 11 April 1834) was a British army officer, entrepreneur, politician, architect and pioneer of settlement in Australia. Macarthur is recognised as the pioneer of the wool industry that was to boom in Australia in the early 19th century and become a trademark of the nation. Big Merino at center.

Reverse: Portrait of William James Farrer (3 April 1845 – 16 April 1906) , leading Australian agronomist and plant breeder. Farrer is best remembered as the originator of the "Federation" strain of wheat, distributed in 1903. His work resulted in significant improvements in both the quality and crop yields of Australia's national wheat harvest, a contribution for which he earned the title 'father of the Australian wheat industry'.

Watermark: Portrait of Captain James Cook in the white field.
A metallic strip, first near the centre of the note, then from 1976 moved to the left side on the obverse of the note.

The Australian two dollar note was introduced in 1966 to replace the Australian £ one-pound note due to decimalisation. Two Dollars banknote was replaced by a gold-coloured coin from 1988.