Cuban banknotes 200 Pesos Treasury Note of 1891 El Tesoro de la Isla de Cuba

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 Cuba banknotes 200 Pesos
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Cuban banknotes 200 Pesos bill 
Cuban banknotes 200 Pesos Treasury Note 1891 issued by the El Tesoro de la Isla de Cuba
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Printed in black on brown and red underprint with Standing Justice on left and allegorical reaper and friend on right, back orange and brown with helmeted Athena surrounded by two female heads, old Coat of arms of Spain on middle top.
Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co, Ld. Bank note Engravers, London

Cuba banknotes - Cuba paper money
1891 Issue

5 Pesos     10 Pesos     20 Pesos     50 Pesos     100 Pesos     200 Pesos