Norway banknotes 500 Norwegian Krone bank note of 1966 Niels Henrik Abel

Norway currency 500 Kroner banknote
500 Norwegian krone
Norway money 500 Kroner banknote
Currency of Norway 500 kroner
Norway money banknotes - 500 Kroner, 4th issue (1948 - 1976).
Obverse: Portrait of mathematician Niels Henrik Abel, whose theories are still used and studied and is fundamental to much of modern mathematics, a drawing by Johan Gørbitz. Coat of arms of Norway at center.
Reverse: Industrial scene after a painting by Reidar Aulie.

Banknotes of the Norwegian krone
1948-1976 Issue

The 4th issue of Norwegian kroner notes was the first post-war issue that was designed as a long-term issue, the 3rd issue having been prepared during the war for use in a monetary reform situation and was introduced when the 2nd issue was suspended in the autumn of 1945.
The 4th issue consisted of 6 notes, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 kr.
The 4th issue obviously is an attempt to "build the country" after the war. Each note has its own portrait, with famous Norwegians. The reverse is used to visualize one of the important sectors of the Norwegian economy and society.
The 5-kroner is the fisheries note, the 10-kroner is shipping and commerce, 50-kroner farming, 100-kroner forestry, 500-kroner industry and 1000-kroner the arts.