Mexico Banknotes 50 Pesos note 1914 Banco de Queretaro

50 Mexican Pesos banknote currency
Mexico Banknotes - 50 Mexican Pesos
50 cincuenta pesos Billetes
Billetes Mexicanos - 50 cincuenta pesos
Mexico Banknotes 50 Pesos banknote 1914 issued by the El Banco de Queretaro
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Obverse: Portrait of Doña Josefa Ortiz (La Corregidora) at left and Coat of arms of Queretaro at right, the denomination value "50" within a guilloche at center. In the top, the issuer name "EL BANCO DE QUERÉTARO".
Reverse: Steam train. In the center, Old Railroad - A steam train passing under the aqueduct of Queretaro, Mexico, on each side the denomination value "50" within a guilloche, on each side of Acapulco vignette the issuer name "BANCO DE QUERÉTARO".
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

María Josefa Cresencia Ortiz y Girón, popularly known as Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez or La Corregidora (April 19, 1773 – March 2, 1829) she was an insurgent and supporter of the Mexican War of Independence, which fought for independence against Spain, in the early 19th century. She was married to Miguel Domínguez, corregidor of the city of Querétaro.

Mexican banknotes - Mexican paper money
El Banco de Queretaro
1895-1914 Issue

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