Mexico banknotes 5 Pesos note 1891 El Banco de Zacatecas

Mexico paper money currency banknotes Pesos
Mexico paper money 5 Pesos
Mexican old Currency 5 Pesos
Mexican old Currency 5 Pesos
Mexico banknotes 5 Pesos banknote 1891 issued by the El Banco de Zacatecas
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Obverse: Portrait of Francisco García Salinas, Governor of Zacatecas at right and farmer plowing at left.
Reverse: Panoramic view of Zacatecas.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Francisco García Salinas also known as "Tata Pachito", Mexican politician, Deputy and Senator, noted for his participation in the Mexican Constitutional Congress. He was Minister of Finance (1827–1828) and Governor of Zacatecas.

Mexico banknotes - Mexico paper money
El Banco de Zacatecas
1891-1914 issue

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