Mexico 100 Pesos banknote 1912 El Banco de Coahuila

100 Pesos Mexican Revolution Banco de Coahuila
Mexico banknotes - 100 Mexican pesos
Mexico 100 Pesos banknote
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Mexico 100 Pesos banknote 1912 El Banco de Coahuila
Provisional Money of the Mexican Revolution
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Obverse: Portrait of Mexican politician Don Miguel Ramos Arizpe and Cepeda.
Reverse: "Zella" engraving Sukeichi Oyama, from a portrait authored by Conrad Kiesel called "Jeune Espagnole" or "Saudade".
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Mexican banknotes - Mexican paper money
El Banco De Coahuila
1898 - 1914 Issue

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Don Miguel Ramos Arizpe
Don Miguel Ramos Arizpe (b. February 15, 1775 in Valle de San Nicolás, Coahuila– d. April 28, 1843 in Mexico City) was a Mexican priest and politician who served as deputy in 1810. He served as justice minister for Presidents Guadalupe Victoria, Manuel Gómez Pedraza, Valentín Gómez Farías and for Antonio López de Santa Anna.

José Cevallos Cepeda
José Cevallos Cepeda (born 1831 in Victoria de Durango, Durango - died April 19, 1893 in Mexico City) was a Mexican politician and military leader. He participated in the resistance against French Intervention in Mexico. During his service in the Mexican Army, Cevallos was commander of the armed forces of Mazatlan and the state of Veracruz. He lived some time in exile in California and Guatemala. Upon his return to the country he became governor of the Federal District. By order of president Porfirio Díaz his remains were interred at the Panteón de Dolores in Mexico City, in the Rotunda of Illustrious Men on April 22, 1893.