Mexico banknotes 10 Pesos note of 1910 El Banco de Aguascalientes

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Mexico 10 Pesos banknote 1910 issued by the El Banco de Aguascalientes
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Obverse: Man with Ox Cart at center and San Marcos Church (Iglesia de San Marcos, Aguascalientes, México) at left.
Reverse: Mexican Girl.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

San Marcos Church (Aguascalientes city, Mexico) built between about 1655 and 1765, the artistic style of the facade is Churrigueresque baroque (Spanish Baroque style, Spanish Colonial architecture) in 3 bodies.
About the towers, it's strange to see the difference in height, the highest in 2 bodies works as main bell-tower. As it can be seen, this church has counterforts at the sides and structures that bear the walls called buttress.
This church is dedicated to both Saint Marcus and Carmen Virgin who can be seen on the main altar.

Mexico banknotes - Mexico paper money
El Banco de Aguascalientes
1902-1910 issue

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