Isle of Man banknotes £20 Pounds note of 1983 Queen Elizabeth II

Isle of Man 20 Pounds banknote Queen Elizabeth
Isle of Man - twenty pound note, Queen Elizabeth II
Isle of Man note 20 Pounds Laxey Water Wheel alternative energy sources
 £20 Pounds banknote 
Isle of Man banknotes £ 20 Pounds note of 1983 Queen Elizabeth II
Isle of Man banknotes, Isle of Man paper money , Isle of Man bank notes, Manx pound - currency of the Isle of Man.

Obverse: At center "Three Legs of Man" - Triskelion, is the national symbol of the Isle of Man. Queen Elizabeth II Portrait at right.
Reverse: The Laxey Wheel is a large waterwheel built in the village of Laxey in the Isle of Man. Designed by Robert Casement, it has a 72-foot-6-inch (22.1 m) diameter, is 6 feet (1.83 m) wide and revolves at approximately three revolutions per minute. It was built in 1854 to pump water from the Glen Mooar part of the ‘Great Laxey Mines’ industrial complex and named "Lady Isabella" after the wife of Lieutenant Governor Charles Hope who was the island's governor at that time.
The Laxey Wheel is the largest working Water Wheel in the world.

Monetary System
Pound = 20 Shillings (to 1971)
Pound = 100 New Pence