United Arab Emirates 50 Dirham banknote 1973

World money currency United Arab Emirates 50 Dirham banknote
United Arab Emirates 50 Dirham banknote
World money notes banknotes United Arab Emirates 50 Dirham
 United Arab Emirates 50 Dirham note 
Currency of the United Arab Emirates 50 Dirhams banknote of 1973, issued by the United Arab Emirates Currency Board

On the front are geometric patterns with a pale circular area to the right, which holds the watermark of a horse’s head, and a circular vignette to the left. The vignette contains an outline of the coast of the United Arab Emirates, over which is written in Arabic ‘United Arab Emirates’. Above the outline of the coast is a dhow and below are four camels and a camel driver. To the left of the vignette is a palm tree, to the right is an oil derrick and below is a string of pearls. The notes have a solid security thread (to the left of centre) and are signed by the Chairman of the Currency Board (رئيس مجلس النقد), Sheikh Hamad bin Rashid al Maktoum (who was also the Minister of Finance and Industry).

The 50-dirham note depicts the Amir’s palace at Ajman. Inspection of the illustration will deduce that the building is actually quite modest and this is an indication of the general state of development in the Emirates in the early 1970s. If this is the best example of architecture in Ajman at the time the notes were prepared, then Ajman was relatively poor.
First issued: 20 May 1973. Size: 163 mm x 72 mm.

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United Arab Emirates Currency Board
ND (1973-1976) Issue

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