Greenland banknotes 5 Krone 1953 Polar Bear

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Greenlandic krone
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Greenland banknotes 5 krone 1953 Polar Bear
Danish currency for Greenland - 5 krone banknote of 1953, issued by the Royal Greenlandic Trade - Kongelige Grønlandske Handel.
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Obverse: Polar Bear on an ice floe - one of the symbols of Greenland.
Reverse: Map outline of Greenland.
The national coat of arms of Denmark consists of three crowned blue lions accompanied by nine red hearts, all in a golden crowned shield.
The old coat of arms of Greenland is a blue shield featuring a silver polar bear, and the shield is crowned with the royal crown.
Watermark: repetitive wavy pattern with a crown.

Greenland banknotes - Greenland paper money
Royal Greenland Trading Department - Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel
ND 1953-1967 issue

5 Kroner          10 Kroner          50 Kroner

Credit Notes - Kreditseddel
1953 issue