Greece banknotes 500 Greek Drachmas Banknote, Helmeted Athena & ancient gold cup.

World Currency Greece Banknotes 500 Greek Drachmas bill
Greek 500 drachmas note
World Currency Greece 500 Greek Drachmas Bank notes
Greek 500 drachmas banknote
World Currency Greece - 500 Greek Drachmas Banknote.
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Obverse:  Helmeted profile bust of Athena.
Reverse: Scene from ancient gold cup - In a landscape of olive and palm trees a raging bull attacks two hunters as another bull is caught in a net - Vaphelo tomb gold cups, Raging Bulls being captured by hunters with nets, Lakonia, Sparta, Creto-Mycenaean 1500 BC. Archeology Museum of Athens.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.