Currency of the Belgian Congo 100 Francs banknote of 1920

Belgian Congo currency 100 Francs banknote collection
Belgian Congo 100 Francs banknote
Belgian Congo money 100 Francs note bill banknotes collection
 Belgian Congo 100 Franc note 
Currency of the Belgian Congo 100 Francs banknote of 1920
Bank of Belgian Congo, Matadi - Banque du Congo Belge - Bank van Belgisch Congo
Belgian Congo banknotes, Belgian Congo paper money, Belgian Congo bank notes.

Obverse: African woman standing holding portrait of Goddess Ceres and young african boy seated on rock and elephant tusks and bananas, pineapples belong, Allegorical women representing Belgium wearing a dress with golden stars on a navy blue backdrop - her dress in Belgian Congo Flag colors. The original design for the flag was allegedly created by the famed explorer Henry Morton Stanley and the layout consists of a blue background with a five-pointed gold star centered on it, with the star supposedly being symbolic of the "light of civilization" now shining brightly in darkest Africa.
Reverse:  African woman and child - African woman rubbing the corn between two stones for obtain flour, African Congo warrior with spear at right.
Printer: BNB - Banque Nationale de Belgique - Belgium National Bank.

Belgian Congo banknotes - Belgian Congo paper money
1912-1937 Issue

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