Belgium bank notes 50 Belgian francs banknote of 1926

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50 Belgian francs banknote
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  Belgian banknotes - 50 francs 
Belgium banknotes - 50 Belgian francs banknote of 1926, issued by the National Bank of Belgium - Banque Nationale de Belgique
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Obverse: On the left, seated allegorical man in antique tunic with symbols of Agriculture. On the right, two womans - allegory of "Law".
Reverse: On the left, Minerva accompanied by symbols of the economy and labour with a lion symbolising Belgium at her feet. On the right, Three female allegorical figures representing the arts, science and trade.

Watermark: Head of Minerva wearing a helmet, without arabesques in relief; Banque Nationale de Belgique.
Prevailing colour - Dark green on a background of blue, light green and ocher; Format 98 x 160 mm.
Graphic artist - Constant Montald.
Signatures: Governor - Fernand Hautain (signed notes 19/12/1923 - 27/09/1926), Treasurer - Henry Stacquet (signed notes 01/03/1918 - 28/10/1936).