Seychelles banknotes 10 Rupees banknote of 1974 Queen Elizabeth II

Seychelles currency banknotes 10 Rupees note Queen Elizabeth
Seychelles banknotes ten Rupees banknote, Queen Elizabeth
Seychelles money pictures 10 Rupees note
Seychelles paper money10 Rupees note
Seychelles 10 Rupees banknote of 1974, issued by the Government of Seychelles
Seychelles banknotes, Seychelles paper money, Seychelles bank notes.

Obverse: Portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth, from a painting by Pietro Annigoni and Seychelles Giant Tortoise at left.

Reverse: The banknote face value is printed in words and there is the numerical indication of the banknote denomination. Rosettes, threads and ornaments, which are printed in multicoloured printing, complete the design.

Seychelles banknotes - Seychelles paper money 
1968-1975 Queen Elizabeth II Issue 

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