Falkland Islands banknotes Fifty Pounds note of 1990 Queen Elizabeth II

Falkland Islands banknotes currency collection Fifty Pounds note, Queen Elizabeth
Falkland Islands Fifty Pounds
Falkland Islands banknotes currency bill
 Falkland Islands 50 Pounds 
Falkland Islands banknotes Fifty Pounds banknote of 1990 Queen Elizabeth II
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Obverse: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Coat of arms of the Falkland Islands, a small map of the islands, and images of two of the islands' main animals: Family of Emperor Penguins with and Chick and Pair of Sea lions.
Reverse: Pictures of Whale Bone monument and Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley, Government House, the official residence of the Governor of the Falkland Islands.
Texts: The Government of the Falkland Islands; These notes are legal tender for the payment of any amount;
Fifty Pounds; For the Government of the Falkland Islands; Commissioners of Currency;
Banknotes are printed by De la Rue on behalf of the Falkland Island Commissioners of Currency.

Christ Church Cathedral on Ross Road, in Stanley, Falkland Islands, is the southernmost Anglican cathedral in the world. The church was designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield and built in 1890–1892 from the local stone and brick.
The Cathedral is built on the site of Holy Trinity Church, which was destroyed by a peat slip in 1886.
In the front of this church stands a monument - whalebone arch, made from the jaws of two blue whales. The monument was raised in 1933 to commemorate the centenary of the British rule in Falkland Islands.