British notes Bermuda ₤1 Bermudian pound banknote, King George V.

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Bermudian pound
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Bermudian pound note
Bermuda currency - Bermudian pound note of 1927, issued by the Bermuda Government.
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Obverse: Profile portrait of His Majesty, King George V. The Shoreline in Hamilton, Bermuda. Coat of arms of Bermuda. Knight's Long Sword and Bermuda Mace.
Reverse: Royal coat of arms of Great Britain, one pound.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company, New Malden, England.

In 1920 - manufacture and presentation of The Mace to the House of Assembly as the authority invested to the Speaker of the House by Her Majesty the Queen. The Mace was made in London by Garrand and Company of silver gilt to commemorate the tercentenary of the institution of Parliamentary Government in Bermuda. While the House is in Session the Mace always points to the Government of the Day.