Bermuda banknotes Five shillings banknote, Queen Elizabeth II & Hamilton harbor.

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 Five Shillings, Queen Elizabeth II 
Bermuda Five Shillings old banknote
5/- Five Shillings 5/-
Currency of Bermuda - Five Shillings banknote of 1957, issued by the Bermuda Government.
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Obverse: Banknote featuring the Dorothy Wilding photographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Picture of ocean liner “Queen of Bermuda” in Hamilton harbor, Bermuda.
Reverse: Royal coat of arms of Great Britain, 5/- Five Shillings 5/-.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company, New Malden, England.

“Queen of Bermuda”, a lovely vessel and cruise ship belonging to the UK-owned Furness Withy shipping line. “Queen of Bermuda” made her maiden voyage to the island in 1933 and she steamed between New York and Bermuda on a weekly basis until 1966, except for war service.