Australian 5 Pounds banknote 1949 King George VI

Australian Five Pounds banknote 1949 King George VI
 Australian five pound note, King George VI. 
Australian 5 Pounds 1949 Commerce
 5 Pounds
Commonwealth of Australia 5 Pounds banknote 1949 King George VI
Commonwealth Bank  of Australia 1938-1952 Issue

Obverse: Portrait of King George VI at left & Coat of arms of Australia at right. The nominal value £5 at center and in each corner of the banknote. Signatories: Mr. Herbert Cole "Nugget" Coombs, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia & Mr. G. P. N. Watt, Secretary to the Treasury.
Reverse: Commerce (dock workers with barrels and sacks) - artwork by Frank Manley based on bas-relief panels originally designed by artist Paul Raphael Montford. These panels represented various sectors of the Australian economic life. The nominal value £5 at center.
Watermark: Portrait of Captain James Cook in centre circle, "FIVE" behind each signature.
Size: 154 mm x 81 mm.
Printer: John Ash, Australian Note Printer, Melbourne, Australia.

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ND (1938-1952) King George VI Issue

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