Madagascar Comoros banknotes 5000 Francs banknote 1950 French General Joseph Gallieni

Madagascar currency collecting 5000 Malagasy Francs banknote
 Madagascar 5000 Francs banknote 
Madagascar money collecting 5000 Malagasy Franc banknote
5000 Malagasy Francs banknote
Currency of Madagascar 5000 Malagasy Francs banknote 1950 & 1955 issued by the Banque de Madagascar et des Comores (Bank of Madagascar and the Comoros)
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Obverse: Portrait of French General Joseph Gallieni and young Malagasy girl with cornrow braids hairstyle at left, peasant womens planting rice in flooded paddy fields at center.
Reverse: Portrait of young mother with baby on her back. In the background - thatched huts - traditional Malagasy village.

Joseph Gallieni (24 April 1849 – 27 May 1916), French Divisional General, most active as a military commander and administrator in the French colonies and finished his career during the First World War. He was made Marshal of France posthumously in 1921. From 1896 to 1905, Joseph Gallieni served as governor-general of French Madagascar.