Guadeloupe banknotes 5 Francs Cabasson type banknote 1901

Currency money Guadeloupe 5 Francs banknote collection
Guadeloupe 5 francs banknote of 1901, Cabasson type
Guadeloupe 5 Francs banknote paper money collection
Guadeloupe franc
Currency of Guadeloupe 5 Francs Cabasson type banknote of 1901, issued by the Central Bank of Guadeloupe - Banque de la Guadeloupe.
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Obverse: Portraits of Caribbean Indians: woman and Carib warrior. Commodities and symbols of trade.
Reverse: Portrait of  Caribbean woman with pearl necklace at center, Caduceus at top center, Tropical forest with birds of paradise and parrots.
Printed by BdF - Banque de France - Bank of France.