France banknotes 500 French Francs banknote of 1995 Pierre and Marie Curie

France bank money euro currency 500 French francs banknote bill
500 francs Pierre et Marie Curie
world currency 500 French Francs banknote Billets Banque de France
France Currency 500 French Francs banknote, Pierre and Marie Curie
France Currency 500 French Francs Pierre and Marie Curie banknote of 1995, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France.
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French Franc was the official currency of France until the adoption of the euro in 2002.
Euro exchange rate: 500 francs are the equivalent of 76 euros 22 euro cents (fixed rate of 6.55957 francs for 1 euro)
Obverse: Portraits of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie taken from old photographs. At the lower center part of banknote - Ra - chemical symbol for radium.
Radium, in the form of radium chloride, was discovered by Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie in 1898. They extracted the radium compound from uraninite and published the discovery at the French Academy of Sciences five days later.

Reverse: starting from the left, the central motif is a view of a laboratory bench with utensils and basically amounts to a window and trees evoking the local School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry the city of Paris where the couple worked on his discoveries.

The watermark is a portrait of Marie Curie.
The dominant colors are green and canary yellow.
The dimensions are 153 mm x 80 mm.

Other security features include: Micro printing, miniature letters the colorless ink pattern, pattern color changing , the transvision and "Strap".
STRAP is a french abbreviation, meaning "reflecting strip for copying protection". It's a nice security feature, a polymer strip with transparent and foil-plated areas. It's use in driving the copying equipment crazy when trying to reproduce the banknote, as the reflective properties of the strip's areas are very different. Unfortunately, this feature is quite rarely seen on the notes (perhaps due to the expensiveness of production).

The 500 francs Pierre et Marie Curie is a French banknote created on 1 June 1994 by the Bank of France and issued March 22, 1995. This banknote was issued for replacing in circulation 500 francs Pascal . It was the last five-hundred francs banknote before the Euro was introduced. This polychrome and intaglio printed banknotes belongs to the third series of "famous scientists and artists of the twentieth century" designed by the Bank of France and which include Saint-Exupéry, Cézanne and Paul Gustave Eiffel. Design for this series was developed by the French-Swiss designer Roger Pfund who won the currency design contest for the last series of French banknotes. It is part of the tradition of French banknotes "commemorating famous people who have contributed to the formation of the historical heritage of France." 500 francs Pierre and Marie Curie was the first banknote of this series, it was printed from 1994 to 2000. It is withdrawn from circulation Feb. 18, 2002 and ceased to be legal tender 17 February 2012, after which this bill can not be exchanged for euro.

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