Austria banknotes 1000 Austrian Schilling banknote of 1997 Karl Landsteiner

Austria money currency 1000 Austrian Schilling euro banknote
1000 Austrian Schilling
Austria paper money currency 1000 Austrian Schilling banknote bill
1000 Austrian Schilling banknote
Currency of Austria 1000 Austrian Schilling banknote of 1997, issued by the National Bank of Austria - Oesterreichische Nationalbank.
The Austrian Schilling was replaced by the Euro in 2002.
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Obverse: Karl Landsteiner, b. Baden (south of Vienna), June 14, 1868, d. New York, June 26, 1943. Medical scientist of high renown who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1930 for his discovery of human blood groups. In 1940, he discovered the rhesus factor.

Reverse: Karl Landsteiner in his laboratory at the Pathological Anatomy Institute of the University of Vienna. Model of a polio virus and stylized process of blood group determination.