Guatemala 1 Peso banknote 1920 El Banco Agricola Hipotecario

Guatemalan peso banknote
currency Guatemalan peso
Guatemala 1 Peso banknote 1920 issued by the El Banco Agricola Hipotecario
The peso was the currency of Guatemala between 1859 and 1925.

Obverse: At the center depicted the Roman goddess Cybele riding a winged chariot drawn by two lions, which in Greek mythology was the goddess of Mother Earth, symbolizing the fertile land. The left vignette features an allegorical female figure representing Commerce seated on a cotton bale with a ship in the background. Pastoral scene at right, three printed signatures below.
Reverse: Lady Liberty - Woman with laureate wreath at centre, value at left and right.

Guatemala banknotes - Guatemala paper money
Guatemaltecan Banks
El Banco Agricola Hipotecario
1892-1926 issue

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