Bolivia 10000 Bolivianos banknote 1942

10000 Bolivianos banknote money currency bill
diez mil Bolivianos billete
Bolivia 10000 Bolivianos banknote 1942 issued by the Banco Central de Bolivia

Obverse: View of Puerta del Sol (Spanish for "Gate of the Sun") at center.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Bolivia.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

The Puerta del Sol , known as the "Gateway of the Sun," (Inti Punku) is a archway in the ancient (pre-Incan) city of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. It is known worldwide as the best example of the degree of perfection reached by this culture, both for art, for the symbolism they treasure their low reliefs. The famous carved figure on the decorated archway most likely represents Viracocha, flanked by 48 winged effigies, 32 with human faces and 16 with condor's heads. Some believe that the strange symbols might represent a calendar, the oldest in the world. This huge monument is hewn from a single block of stone weighing 10 tons. It is thought that its original location was in the Puma Punku (another large complex to the south).