Nicaragua Paper Money 25 Pesos banknote 1910 Christopher Columbus

Currency Nicaragua Paper Money 25 Pesos Banknote bill
Nicaraguan paper money
Nicaragua Paper Money 25 Pesos Banknote
Nicaraguan banknotes
Currency of Nicaragua 25 Pesos Banknote of 1910, issued by the Tesoro Nacional

Obverse: Portrait of Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea. The Great Navigator.
Reverse: Engraving of the monument to the Nicaraguan soldier, represented by Ramon Montoya, a young hero Nicaragua.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

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01.01.1910 issue

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25 Pesos             50 Pesos             100 Pesos

Monumento a Ramon Montoya Managua, Nicaragua.
«Soldado Ramón Montoya», «El Niño Héroe de Nicaragua»
Sculpture that consists a bronze statue of young soldier called "The Boy Hero of Nicaragua" with his straw hat, his sandals, your backpack and weapon, his jacket wrapped around his waist, his canteen and his rifle Mauser (German), pointing with his right arm the enemy's position. At the bottom is a white marble sculpture symbolizing Homeland - seated allegorical woman wearing a Phrygian cap.

On January 1, 1909, Dr. José Dolores Gámez, Interior Minister inaugurated in Central Park in the city of Managua the monument erected in memory of the child soldier Ramon Montoya, fourteen Nicaraguan hero who fought in the Battle of the Namasigue 17 to 23 March 1907 during the war Nicaragua with Honduras and El Salvador. Francisco Acevedo Ramon Montoya died at age 14 on 22 March 1907, when he left his trench encouraging his peers to join the final charge (and follow him), against the enemy during the Battle of the Namasigue, and when he reached the summit of the hill "the Scream", a bullet took the life, becoming an icon of heroism in that battle. He is honored as a national hero of Nicaragua.