Dominican Republic Currency 10 Dominican Pesos Oro banknote 1962

10 Dominican Pesos Oro Banknote
Indian Head Liberty paper money Dominican Peso Banknote
Dominican Republic Currency 10 Dominican Pesos Oro Banknote 1962 issued by the Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana

Obverse: Portrait of Matías Ramón Mella - one of the Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic.
Reverse: Medallic portrait of Indian Head Liberty and Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic.
Printer: American Bank Note Company, New York.

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ND (1962 & 1963) "Red Color - Printer ABNC & Seal Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional" Issue

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Matías Ramón Mella, born 25 February 1816, is regarded as a national hero in the Dominican Republic. The Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella is partially named in his honor.

He contributed significantly during the 1844 Dominican War of Independence against Haiti, and was involved in the storming of St. Giles Fort by Dominican forces.
He was a member of the First Republic's provisional governing board, convened 28 February 1844. Leader of the Dominican independence. In 1838, sixteen years after the entire island of La Hispaniola unified under the domination of Haiti, Mella participated with other Dominican patriots (most notably Juan Pablo Duarte and Francisco del Rosario Sanchez) in founding "The Trinity," a secret society with the aim of overthrowing the regime of Haitian dictator Jean Pierre Boyer.
Subsequently Mella came into contact with the Haitian opposition leader Charles Hérard, who in turn led the reform movement. Together they managed to topple Boyer in 1843, but immediately Hérard imprisoned Mella in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). However, in this very city a rebellion erupted against Hérard, who was only able to dominate with the help of Mella and the incarcerated veterans whom he freed. Mella and his followers marched up to Santo Domingo, captured the eastern part of the island,and formally declared its independence from Haiti and the proclamation of the Dominican Republic in February 1844.