Northern Ireland banknotes 10 Pounds sterling note, Northern Bank.

10 Pounds sterling banknote,  John Boyd Dunlop, bicycle
10 Pounds sterling banknote,  John Boyd Dunlop, bicycle. 
Northern Bank currency 10 Pounds sterling note
10 Pounds sterling banknote issued by Northern Bank
Northern Ireland banknotes 10 Pounds sterling note, Northern Bank

Obverse: Portrait of John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921), Scottish inventor of the pneumatic tyre. Dunlop invented the tyre (a rubber tube filled with air) in 1887 for his son's bicycle. Dunlop filed a patent for his invention on 23 July 1889 and received it on 7 December 1889. Dunlop founded a tyre factory which utilised Goodyear's vulcanisation process for hardening rubber and full-scale production began in 1890.
Reverse: Portico of Belfast City Hall, sculpted by F. W. Pomeroy.