Iraq banknotes one Iraqi dinar note 1947 (1955) King Faisal II

One Dinar banknote, King Faisal II
One Dinar banknote
Currency of Iraq one Dinar banknote, King Faisal II as a young man, 1947 (1955) Issued by National Bank of Iraq
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Obverse: Portrait of King Faisal II as a young man at the right, a pale patterned area to the left holding the watermark, and Arabic text on the front of the note. The watermark of King Faisal II is the same as the portrait on the note.
Reverse: A statue of King Faisal I mounted on his steed. The original statue of the King was destroyed, following the revolution in 1958. However, a new statue was commissioned and erected during the late 1980s. When war broke out between Iraq and Iran, one of the most ardent supporters of Iraq was Jordan. Because of the support by Jordan during the war, the relationship between the two nations became quite strong, with visits between government officials taking place on numerous occasions. In order to honour the Hashemite King of Jordan, the Iraqi government chose to have the equestrian statue of King Faisal I re-erected. As the original statue had been destroyed, a new statue was commissioned from an Italian firm and erected in the Jamal Abdul Nassar Square on the outskirts of the Old City, near the southern banks of the Tigris River.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company Ltd. Engravers, New Malden, Surrey, England.

Iraq Banknotes
National Bank of Iraq
 L. 1947 (1955) "King Faisal II as Young Man with Thick Lips" Issue

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