Currency of Iraq 1 Dinar banknote 1931 (1942) King Faisal II as a Child

Iraq banknotes King Faisal Dinar bill
Iraqi dinar, King Faisal II
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Iraqi dinar
Currency of Iraq 1 Dinar 1931 (1942) King Faisal II as a Child
Government of Iraq - Iraq Currency Board
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Obverse: Portrait of King Faisal II as a Child.
The front of the note carries text in Arabic which reads (for the 1-dinar note):
Government of Iraq
One Dinar
Currency note issued and convertible into sterling in
accordance with the provisions of Law No. 44 of 1931.

The notes were signed "For the Iraq Currency Board" by two Board members — Lord Kennet and Daoud al Haidari. The same text appeared on the back of the note in English.

Lord Kennet - Edward Hilton Young, 1st Baron Kennet (20 March 1879 – 11 July 1960) was a British politician and writer.

Watermark: Portrait of King Faisal II.
Size: 161 x 92 mm.
Dominant colour: Blue.
Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd. Engravers, New Malden, Surrey, England.

Iraq Banknotes
Government of Iraq by the Iraq Currency Board
   The Iraq Currency Board was located in London and consisted of five members - two were appointed by the Government of Iraq, two were nominated by banks operating in Iraq, and one was to be selected by the League of Nations or the Bank of England.

 "King Faisal II as a Child" L. 1931 (1942)

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