Currency of Germany 50 Deutsche Mark banknote 1948 Bank Deutscher Länder

Germany banknotes 50 Deutsche Mark currency paper money
German banknotes50 DM Deutsche Mark
Germany bank notes 50 Deutsche Mark banknote
Germany bank notes50 Deutsche Mark
Currency of Germany 50 Deutsche Mark banknote of 1948
Bank Deutscher Länder - Bank of the German States
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Obverse: Portrait of Nuremberg councilor and businessman Hans Imhof or Nurnberg patrician Willibald Pirckheimer (disputed) by Albrecht Dürer.
Reverse: The same portrait of Hans Imhof and old harbor scene.
Printed by Banque de France.

Banknotes of Bank Deutscher Länder
The Bank deutscher Länder - Bank of the German States, abbreviation BdL, was the forerunner of the Deutsche Bundesbank. It was founded on 1 March 1948.
1948 issue

5 Pfennig   10 Pfennig   5 Deutsche Mark   50 Deutsche Mark   100 Deutsche Mark

1949 issue

10 Deutsche Mark      20 Deutsche Mark