Jersey banknotes 10 Pounds note 1976 Queen Elizabeth II & Victoria College

Foreign currency investing 10 Pounds Jersey's Banknote
10 Pounds Jersey's Banknote,  Queen Elizabeth II wearing Russian Kokoshnik Tiara. 
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Currency of Jersey 10 Pounds banknote
Currency of Jersey 10 Pounds banknote 1976 - 1988
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Obverse: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at center right looking left, wearing Russian Kokoshnik or Fringe Tiara.
Reverse: Victoria College - painting by Felix Benoist.
Printed by Thomas de la Rue, London England.

Jersey Banknotes - Jersey paper money
ND (1976-1988) Issue

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Victoria College is a fee paying States of Jersey-provided school in membership of the HMC, in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. The castellated neo-gothic architecture (architect: J. Hayward) is a landmark overlooking the town.