Netherlands paper money 25 Gulden banknote 1941 Willem Mees

Dutch guilder banknotes Netherlands money currency 25 Gulden banknote
Netherlands paper money 25 gulden banknote of 1941, Willem Cornelis Mees.
Netherlands currency Dutch guilder 25 Gulden banknote
25 Dutch guilder banknote
Netherlands 25 Gulden banknote 1941 (dated June 1, 1931 - March 19, 1941)
De Nederlandsche Bank - Central Bank of the Netherlands, Amsterdam
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Obverse: Portrait of bank president W. C. Mees.
Willem Cornelis Mees, born in Rotterdam, 6 Sept. 1813 and died 14 December 1884, was appointed secretary of the Netherlands Bank in 1849 and became its President in 1851, a post he occupied until 1884. In this period, the Netherlands Bank became the country's official Central Bank.

Reverse: Geometric designs.

Printer: Joh. Enschede and Sons
In circulation: from 27 July 1934
Withdrawn from circulation: September 26, 1945
Circulation: 34,420,500 notes