Netherlands banknotes 100 Gulden note of 1947 Adriaentje Hollaer by Rembrandt

Netherlands currency 100 Gulden banknote Dutch guilder banknotes paper money
Netherlands banknotes 100 Gulden note, Adriaentje Hollaer by Rembrandt.
Netherlands currency Dutch guilder banknotes 100 Gulden banknote
100 Dutch guilder banknote
Netherlands 100 Gulden banknote 1947 
De Nederlandsche Bank - Central Bank of the Netherlands

Obverse: Painting - Portrait of Adriaentje Hollaer by Rembrandt (Westminster Collection, London).
Adriaentje Hollaer, was a wife of the painter H. Martensz.
Reverse: Geometric designs.

In circulation: from 29 August 1949
Withdrawn from circulation: 1 May, 1961