Morocco banknotes 10 Moroccan Dirhams bank note of 1970

Morocco currency money 10 Moroccan Dirhams banknotes
10 Moroccan Dirhams banknote
Morocco banknotes old money 10 Dirhams note bill
Morocco banknotes10 Moroccan Dirhams note
Morocco currency 10 Dirhams banknote 1970
Bank of Morocco - Banque du Maroc
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Obverse: Portrait of His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco.
Reverse: Sorting, grading and packing oranges at plant in Morocco.

Morocco banknotes - Morocco paper money
Bank of Morocco - Banque du Maroc
1970-1985 issue

5 Dirhams         10 Dirhams         50 Dirhams         100 Dirhams