Portugal banknotes 100 Escudos banknote of 1935 João Pinto Ribeiro

Portuguese 100 money currency Escudos banknote João Pinto Ribeiro
 Portugal currency 100 Escudos banknote, João Pinto Ribeiro 
Portuguese paper money 100 Escudos banknote Obelisk at Restauradores Square Lisbon
Portugal paper money
Portugal currency 100 Escudos banknote of 1935 Banco de Portugal
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Obverse: Portrait of João Pinto Ribeiro.
Reverse: Bronze statue representing the Victory (Obelisk in Restauradores Square, Lisboa) - Monument for 1.12.1640 (Restoration of Independence).

Size of the note, 170 x 97 mm. Were issued 29,815,000 notes, with the dates of February 21, 1935 and the final issue of March 13, 1941. Were withdrawn from circulation on 31 December 1958.