Spain currency 50 Centimos banknote 1937 Spanish Republic

Spain currency money 50 Centimos
50 Centimos
Spain currency money 50 Centimos
España, Spain - 50 Centimos
Spain currency 50 Centimos banknote 1937
 Ministry of Finance "Ministerio de Hacienda"
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Obverse: Bust of young woman wearing a Phrygian cap - allegory of the Republic, and the legend "Ministry of Finance" and "provisional certificate divisional currency." Authorized signatures recorded with the "Director of the Treasury and Insurance" and "Auditor General of State Administration."
Reverse: Rosette with the expression of value.

Dimensions: 84 x 45 mm.
Date of Issue: 1937 (in circulation from January 18, 1938)
Printer: Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Spain (FNMT).

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Second Spanish Republic - Segunda República Española

Ministerio de Hacienda
1937-1938 Issue

50 Centimos          1 Peseta          2 Pesetas